Safe on holiday
From 6th August 2021, Decree 105 of 23.07.21 will come into force, introducing the Green Pass requirement for wellness centres and indoor swimming pools.
only EU certification holders can book the entrance to the Sauna center. It is not necessary for the spa massage. 
It will be required at reception using the app developed by the Ministry of Health VERIFY C19.

*Who is entitled to a Green Pass?
- Those who have completed the vaccination cycle and have a validity of 9 months;
- Those who have recovered from covid (valid for 6 months);
- Those who have received the first dose of the vaccine (valid for 15 days after inoculation and can be shown until the date set for the second dose)
- Those who have had a molecular swab (valid for 48 hours from the time it was taken)
- Children under 12 years do not need a Green Pass.

We will request the EU Covid certifications at the reception for the entrance to the indoor pool and the booking for the wellnesscenter. 
Safe on holiday

In the time of Corona it is even much more important to feel safed and relaxed on holiday.
The only virus we have ever known is those of hospitality...therefore we have organized ourselves to offer you the higher cleanliness standard.

- Booking: Feel free to contact us per email or per phone every working morning from 9:00 to 12:00 o'clock.
- All public surface are continuosly cleaned and disinfected;
- In 2020 we expanded our dining room: it is now enough large to respect the right distance between the tables. All the big windows on the lake can ben opened.
-The breakfast buffet is limited to everything that can be packed. Our chef prepares as always your favourite omelette and delivers the cold cuts. The brioches and cakes of the day are instead delivered by the waiters;
- It is possible to have breakfast and dinner outside. You can also book them on your room with a small extra price;
- We are lucky to have much more outside space: the beach is very big and every place have now 20 square meters at disposal;
- You can decide to have lunch at your umbrella and order whatever you want trough an app on your phone. We recommend that you make a reservation for parasol and sun beds before your arrival.
- Several activities in the nature are possible in our valley: trekking, mountain bike in Valsugana, the first with sustenable environment validation;
- Our team is well trained: all wear the face mask, and gloves.  Do not be amazed if our staff will leave you more space as normal at your passage: it is for your safety!
- Your room (also the air conditioning filter) will be cleaned and disinfected at every room change. If you do not want that we clean your room during your staying it is naturally possible.
- Our hotel has already a changing air system: we fixed it with air change from outside.
- The swimming pool will work as usual: we will check just the number of people inside.
- Saunas (temperature > 80°) can currently be used exclusively (only between relatives). We recommend that you choose your preferred time (1 hour per day)  and notify the reception desk. 
According to the latest protocol for the opening of the saunas, the Turkish bath will have to be closed.

All these provisions relate to the situation today. The evolution of the pandemic could lead to variations in anti-covid provisions, with more or perhaps less restrictions.