A dream holiday for everyone at Lake Levico

Parc Hotel Du Lac - The ideal family hotel in Levico Terme

Holidays filled with family fun

The Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico is renowned as one of the top family hotels in Levico Terme. With its beautiful natural surroundings, alpine pastures, museums, and rich traditions, along with the stunning Lake Levico, it offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable family vacation.

At Parc Hotel Du Lac, our family-friendly hotel in Levico, you can experience the following amenities:

  • comfortable family rooms with a separate sleeping area
  • well-equipped lawn area
  • playground featuring a slide and swing, with a beautiful view of the lake
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools, including a children's pool.
  • children's menu and baby food available
  • playground with a galleon
  • playroom equipped with a trampoline and a small castle
  • exciting hiking and adventure spots perfect for families

This is the perfect holidays in Levico Terme for children!

Discover the exceptional amenities offered during a holiday at our family hotel in Levico:

New Family Rooms

cosy rooms feature a separate sleeping area

Enjoy direct access to the lake

complete with a furnished lawn and playground

Indoor and outdoor

pools are conveniently connected

Play area

available on the beach, equipped with table tennis, table football, slides, and a sandpit

Children's menu

the children have an additional option called: the Baby Me!

Perfect for families

While on your holiday with children, you will have the opportunity to enjoy comfortable family rooms, both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a paddling pool, a one-hour family sauna available on request, a 50 m² playground equipped with a slide and swing, a children's playroom, as well as exciting hiking destinations and family-friendly adventures.

Family rooms

The Family Hotel Du Lac in Levico Terme serves as a sanctuary for families

The space is roomy and comfortable, with a separate area for sleeping

"Let me know about your sleeping habits, and I'll give you an idea of what your holiday experience will be like"... this also applies to vacations with children. Our family hotel in Levico Terme offers comfortable family rooms that have a separate sleeping area and plenty of space for the entire family. Our family hotel in Levico offers more than just rooms and suites. You'll also enjoy the convenience of being close to Lake Levico, as well as access to both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, including a children's pool, we have a playground, playroom. Additionally, we offer a children's menu and have fantastic excursion options in the surrounding area.

Family rooms at the Family Hotel Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico Terme

Fun for kids

Unforgettable holidays with children in Levico

The Parc Hotel Du Lac, located by the lake, offers you a warm welcome and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fun for the whole family

Experience moments of joy for the entire family during your holiday with children in Levico Terme, at the Parc Hotel Du Lac situated on the beautiful Lake Levico. Let's swim together in the pool or lake, explore the surroundings together, and cherish every moment with your family. Because when the children are happy, the parents are happy too!

Rediscovering the joy of connecting with nature, playing hide and seek among the sculptures of Arte Sella, exploring the shepherd's huts on the Vezzena Plateau, trying your hand at gold panning at the Pietra Viva Museum, visiting a centuries-old mine, or conquering a summit together - these experiences will create unforgettable memories.

Playground for children

You can find a galleon on the beach that has a slide, swing, and various other games.

Let's go to the playroom

The playroom, filled with a wide variety of children's toys, is the perfect place to enjoy delightful hours during your holiday in Levico.

Excursions for Leisure Time

We had a fantastic family holiday in Trentino

Levico, Valsugana, and the Catena del Lagorai provide enjoyable fun, games, and activities for families vacationing in Trentino!

The beautiful lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo, the stunning Catena del Lagorai mountain range, picturesque valleys like Val dei Mocheni, and vibrant cities like Trento and Rovereto, along with numerous exciting places to visit, all combine to create an unforgettable family vacation in Trentino.

The Aeronautical Museum

The Gianni Caproni Aeronautical Museum is the oldest museum dedicated to aeronautics. It houses a remarkable collection of aircraft from around the world, as well as historical objects related to the industry that the Caproni family has gathered over the years. At the Caproni Museum, you can explore a permanent exhibition and various temporary exhibitions, in addition to experiencing flight simulations.

Admission is free with the Trentino Guest Card!


The Science Museum

The Trento MuSe Science Museum, which spans about 5.000 m², is a renowned cultural centre at the European level. By using the metaphor of a mountain, the route provides visitors with insights into life on Earth. Beginning at the top, the 'path of the senses' meanders through four floors.

Get discounted admission with the Trentino Guest Card!


The Pietra Viva Museum

The Pietra Viva Museum takes you on a fascinating journey back in time to the era of miners. It tells the story from the perspective of the Pallaoro twins, renowned gold prospectors who discovered Italy's largest gold deposit on Mont Blanc. Even your children can join in on an exciting treasure hunt with a guided tour.


The caves in Castello Tesino

Inside the caves of Castello Tesino, there are 400 mt of tunnels where stalactites and stalagmites have formed over thousands of years, creating captivating displays of shapes and colours.


Museum of Mine

The Grua va Hardömbl Mine-Museum is situated at an elevation of 1.700 mt along the trail that leads to Lake Erdemolo, approximately 5 km away from the heart of Palù del Fersina. Walking through these hand-carved tunnels feels like diving into the past.


“Wood Experience”

Sog van Rindel: the wood industry has always been one of the main economic sectors in the Mocheni Valley. The Sog van Rindel sawmill in Venice operates solely due to the flow of the Fersina stream.


Arte Sella

Arte Sella has been hosting works of art inspired by nature since 1986. The Val di Sella, a plateau situated at an altitude of 1.000 mt, is where this international contemporary art event is held. It takes place outdoors, amidst the meadows and forests. A place that can be enjoyed by people of all ages!


The “malghe”

Explore the malghe, which are shepherd's huts nestled in the mountains, to gain insights into the animals and the cheesemakers' way of life. Additionally, indulge in sampling the diverse range of malga products.


A bike tour

Ride along the cycle paths and, if you go too far, return by train. For its guests, the Parc Hotel Du Lac provides several mountain bikes free of charge.


A trip to the lake

A day on the shore of Lake Levico, including an electric boat trip is fun for everyone!


Family hikes

Family excursions to the alpine pastures in the Lagorai chain. You can even adopt a cow and enjoy its milk products all year round.


Mocheni culture

At the “Filzerhof-Museum” in the Valle dei Mocheni, visitors discover the traditions and culture of the Mocheni, a people of Germanic origin who once settled on the left side of the valley of the same name and in the Upper Fersina Valley. Even today, the German language is well established in these places.

Massages and saunas

Wellness experience for our young guests

We can provide the family sauna on request for an hour during which one of the saunas is maintained at a controlled, lower temperature, allowing even the youngest children to experience it.

Over the years, our facility has been awarded a prestigious recognition.