Welcome to Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico Terme, situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Levico. We are delighted to also introduce you to our restaurant, La Taverna!

Franco and Martha Pedrotti with Lorenzo and Marianna and the senior chef Emma e Roberto

Our home

The Pedrotti family embodies the essence of the Parc Hotel Du Lac. You frequently encounter them at the reception, in the restaurant, and even on the beach. Their personality and passion for the business influence every corner.

Franco, along with Martha, oversees the management of both the hotel and the restaurant, ensuring that both the guests and the staff are well taken care of. Not only the youngest members are present, but grandparents Roberto and Emma also grace us with their presence, offering valuable advice based on their wealth of experience. Alongside them, you will encounter the new generation, Lorenzo and Marianna, who are already brimming with enthusiasm for the future.

Du Lac Staff

The Pedrotti family is also supported by a team of professional and motivated staff members. All of us share the same goal: to ensure that your holiday is memorable.

Several employees have been with our family for a long time:

Paolo has been working at Ristorante La Taverna since it first opened in 2015. He is the one who makes dinners, lunches, and aperitifs special.

Michele, our maître d'hôtel, whose professionalism provides pleasant moments at dinner and breakfast.

Francesca and Stefania at the reception have been arranging holidays for all guests for 15 years and 10 years respectively.

Michele, the chef, has been skillfully preparing delicious dishes for 5 years now.

Our team of maids on the floors, who have been taking care of your rooms for years

Our Story

The Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico has a rich ancient tradition. By the end of the 19th century, “La Taverna”, the village's sole inn, had already become a beloved gathering spot for both fishermen and tourists. Its exceptional location right on the shores of Lake Levico and its renowned reputation were the main draws for visitors.

My grandfather, Arturo, purchased the inn on September 26, 1936, for a sum of 9.000 lire. This marked the start of the Pedrotti family's extensive involvement in the hotel and restaurant industry. Grandfather Arturo was accompanied by his wife Albina, and later, their children Roberto, Marco, Luciana, and Carmela. The family's dedication paid off, and the inn “La Taverna” was transformed into the Hotel “Al Lago” along with a nearby bathing facility.

In the early 1970s, Roberto, the second-to-last son of the couple, constructed the Parc Hotel Du Lac on the adjacent land and began operating it alongside his wife, Emma. During the 1980s, Roberto also acquired his brothers' portion and brought together the entire family business, which at that time included the hotel, the lakeside restaurant, and the bathing establishment on Lake Levico.

Franco was born in 1976. Not only did he inherit his parents' passion for the hotel business, but he also inherited the entire business itself. This includes the Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico Terme, which offers a breathtaking view of the lake, as well as the Restaurant La Taverna and the Bathing Establishment on Lake Levico. Today, he is running the business alongside his wife, Martha. Lorenzo and Marianna, their children, are already paving the way for the next generation.

Over the years, our facility has been awarded a prestigious recognition.