Discovering one of the most enchanting and bathing lakes in Trentino, which offers suggestive views

Holidays at Lake Levico, a charming swimming lake in Trentino

One of the warmest natural bathing lakes in the Alps

We typically refer to Lake Levico as “our lake” because it is located right on the doorstep of our Parc Hotel Du Lac and holds great significance in our history. A presence that is both silent and significant, serving as an essential point of reference for us and all our guests.

Experience a holiday at Lake Levico, the second largest lake in the Valsugana region. It is renowned as one of the warmest, cleanest, and most captivating bathing lakes in the Alps. The lake stands out with its mesmerising emerald, green hue, exceptional beauty, and excellent water quality, earning it the prestigious Blue Flag distinction. Starting in May, it beckons you to immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, which can even reach temperatures of 25-29° C during the summer. Even in October, the more adventurous ones can still take a plunge into the lake.

Located amidst the mountains, resembling a quaint Norwegian fjord, Lake Levico provides an array of water activities such as pedalo or electric boat rides. Additionally, it is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, renowned for its diverse range of fish species. Reeds are also a nesting place for sea and migratory birds. There is a fascinating fauna that is worth exploring during a walk.

A place for relaxation

Warm and clean water

The lake can reach temperatures of up to 25-29° C

A fisherman's paradise

We are partners with Trentino Fishing

Pedalo & sup surf activities

Is it possible to rent electric pedalos

Blue flag

Thanks to the excellent water quality

Holidays in Valsugana, an idyllic valley in Trentino

Valsugana, from every corner, radiates magic, authenticity, culture, and tradition. Its inhabitants live in a close relationship with nature. Explore the beauty of Valsugana with its stunning attractions: Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo, the Valle dei Mocheni and Val Sella, and the Lagorai Group.

Holidays in Valsugana offer a wide variety of pleasures that cater to both the active and those seeking relaxation. Holidays in Valsugana are filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant meadows, sunny hillsides, refreshing forests, and pristine lakes like Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo. This scenery serves as the perfect open-air sports arena for all outdoor activity enthusiasts. Here, everyone can truly find the activity that best suits them, with varying levels of difficulty. You can choose from easy hikes to climbing peaks, or from leisurely cycling to thrilling trails.

Valsugana has recently achieved certification for sustainable tourism, following the criteria set by the GSTC, an organisation endorsed by the United Nations that promotes adherence to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our valley has been chosen as an ideal destination for sustainable and leisurely holidays in nature, surrounded by untouched landscapes and authentic gastronomic products made in accordance with tradition.

The Lagorai mountains are perfect for families, as they have plenty of playgrounds, well-maintained trails, and beautiful alpine pastures. For those who can't resist the thrill of adrenaline, rafting on the Brenta river is a must-do activity during your holidays in Valsugana.

Holidays in Valsugana can be relaxing as well. The picturesque valley in Trentino is captivating with its tranquil side valleys, such as Valle dei Mocheni or Val di Sella, as well as the Vezzena Plateau.

Over the years, our facility has been awarded a prestigious recognition.